Earth Angel
Earth Angel print
An earthy, loving, peaceful and joyful angel filled with love and wisdom
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My Body as Land
My Body as Land print
The Sussex Downs are round, soft and sensual. As I walk I feel enveloped by mother nature’s curves and valleys. This painting is inspired by the landscape, seeing both woman and hills as one and the same thing.
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Mother and Child
Mother and Child print
Depicting the deep love between mother and baby, inspired by icons of Mary and Jesus on Pico island.
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Swimming With Fish
Swimming with Fish print
As she goes with the flow of the water she becomes aware that she is ‘Swimming with Fish’.
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Going Over the Edge
Going Over the Edge print
What do we do when we feel like we’re ‘Going over the Edge?’ A sort of reckless yet hopeful feeling that everything will be OK.
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Flying With Birds
Flying with birds print
Flying high, effortlessly, far above land, with sense of overview, with a bird ally present for guidance and protection.
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Pink Bird
The Pink Bird print
Sense of lightness, freedom, overview, power and all seeing. The symbol of bird can be different for all of us.
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Ecstatic Dancer
Ecstatic Dancer print
'Ecstatic Dancer’ - freely expressing herself through movement - dancing for herself and no-one else.
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The Pink Dress
The Pink Dress print
Relaxed, resting, soft and sensual in the sunlight - she is sinking ever deeper into her body, her beingness, her self.
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Little White Riding Hood
Little White Riding Hood print
The archetypal story of Little Red Riding Hood, moving ever deeper into the woods and away from safety. She is painted white, symbol of innocence – hence ‘Little White Riding Hood’
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Brave Little Girl
Brave Little Girl print
Setting off into the black night, all alone, in the middle of the ocean. Perhaps the light above her head is some presence to guide her. She is very brave indeed!
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On Top of Pico Mountain
On Top of Pico Mountain print
Pico Mountain, with the wild Atlantic Ocean crashing against the rocks. Such a feeling of freedom on top of the mountain with the wind, birds and incredible views of nearby Islands.
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The Knowing Bride
The Knowing Bride print
Her eyes, possibly looking at her new beau could be saying a number of things. What might she be thinking?
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The Wedding
The Wedding print
This painting happened quite spontaneously one gorgeous, sunny morning in August. The sun shone through my window as man and woman emerged at their wedding. ‘The Wedding’ is the centre piece to ‘Heart in a Pond’ and ‘Tranquility’, both of which were commissioned by the couple who bought this painting.
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Young Woman
Young Woman print
The archetypal young woman, transitioning from girlhood to becoming a woman.
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Life in the Earth
Life in the Earth print
The strong, rooted, wide spread tree represents the fruits of potential creativity.
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Crow in Her Glory
Crow in her Glory print
Crow can be a powerful symbol as the shapeshifter, being in two places at the same time or being able to take on another form. Crow can represent our shadow side. I celebrate crow, for without acknowledging our shadow side how can we be truly whole.
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Circle of Trees
Circle of Trees print
A strong, earth bound trunk contrasting with the windswept branches and leaves above. The deep richness of the colours gives a glowing, earthy feel – all held in the warmth and containment of the circle.
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Big Tree
Heart in a Pond print
‘Heart in a Pond’ is one of two paintings commissioned by a couple to be hung each side of ‘The Wedding’ I represented their love for each other through images drawn from nature.
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?!x! Off Miss Frisby This Dress is Amazing!
?X!* off Miss Frisby print
This painting celebrates puts two fingers up to anyone who says we can’t paint and squashes our vital, intuitive creativity.
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Tranquility print
As with ‘Heart in a Pond’ the symbol of the tree represents strength, protection, growth and beauty. The pond symbolises depth of feelings, heart, flow and love.
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Crow print
I see this bird as a powerful shapeshifter and in this painting she has many coloured layers beneath her black feathers, hints of unearthly qualities she can tap into, hints of shadowlands.
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Wild Swan
Wild Swan print
An elegant swan appeared in this painting, with a need for a celebratory, wilder dynamic in his countanance as he gracefully glides through water – accompanied by a cheeky friend.
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At Prayer
At Prayer print
A moment’s inner stillness as she whispers her prayer. Perhaps her animal guide in the form of the white bird is telling her everything is going to be allright, or that she is not alone.
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