MayaI loved painting, drawing and dancing as a child, often saving Christmas and birthday cards so I could draw on the back of them because the idea of sketch pads in my family was something of an oddity!

In the early 70’s, I attended Maidstone College of Art where I gained a degree in Fine Arts. After graduating I became interested in screen printing, really enjoying the process of building and layering shapes and forms and delighting in playing with flat, bright colours.

My art work continued to develop as I became interested in painting with acrylics. My approach is intuitive, painting simple and direct imagery with bold clear lines, and vibrant colours. This process emerges more from feeling than thinking. Sometimes I have no idea of what forms will take shape at the beginning of the painting.

I enjoy how lines flow effortlessly across the paper, a little like a dance. As lines and blocks of colour take shape, the painting builds, layer upon layer, with the final image revealing a little of what is underneath, a bit like our life stories – hints of what is in our past.

My images are personal and I continue to be influenced by my passion for dancing and being in nature. I am also inspired by the power of archetypal images, symbols, ritual and showing a more human perspective to life  – diving into the realm of dreams and dreaming where imagery has some purpose and meaning for us as human beings.

I live in Lewes, East Sussex and exhibit in galleries, events, cafes, group shows, and open houses in Brighton and Lewes. I also facilitate “Painting from the Heart” workshops for adults (more info under ‘what’s on’) and art workshops in Primary Schools. I am also a qualified movement psychotherapist and performance artist.

If you would like to know more about ‘Painting from the Heart’ workshops, private tuition or children’s workshops too, please email me via the contact page.

“We have just arrived home and opened your present for the first time and are overwhelmed with love for your beautiful painting. Thank you so much!”
Recipient of Mother & Child painting