My prints are professionally produced by reputable, specialist fine art giclée printmakers who create edition prints for artists and galleries worldwide. They are printed on beautiful Somerset 330 gsm 100% rag paper with hand torn border, offering the buyer choices as to how they would like their print to be framed.

The printers innovative and expert techniques result in top quality prints that have great depth, colour and texture. It is important to me that the painterly quality in my paintings shines through, with each brush stroke visible, and for the vibrancy of each colour to match the original painting,

It is the printers strong belief that a print should be a work of art in it’s own right, not a simple photographic reproduction of an original. I can testify to this statement – the printers expertise and artistic integrity gives me absolute confidence in selling my prints as a work of art whether it is a gift to yourself, a friend, family member or partner.