Self Portrait – Painting & Embodied Movement

21st March 2020
10 – 5pm
Paddock Studios, Lewes
£60 including art materials & light refreshments

Who are YOU and what make’s you all of who you are? During this workshop you will explore, through the medium of movement and painting, how you see yourself, and how you perceive your identity in relation to others and the world.

Together we will create a warm environment for supportive exchange in your personal journey. No previous painting or artistic skills are necessary.

Create your personal Fairy Tale – movement, art and writing

26 April 2020
Fairy tales are based on archetypes and their powerful relationships with one another. From children to elders, we are mesmerised by these stories because they resonate with the dilemmas and dynamics of life, often relating to current themes and challenges

Through the process of movement, art and writing the setting, characters and symbolic objects of your unique fairy tale will emerge, inspired by your inner and outer magical landscapes.


Freeing your Elemental Self: Movement & painting in Portuguese mountains in off grid retreat centre

17 – 24th June 2020
£650 including accommodation
Here you can unwind, relax and tune into your sensing body with breath, mindful presence and embodiment as you move and paint in this wild Portuguese landscape.

This week offers you a journey of self-discovery through guided movement practice, painting, moving in nature, witnessing and be witnessed, laughter and to simply be – calling up your wild and magnificent elemental self to express vitality, creativity, spirit and imagination.



Coming Home: Exploring movement & painting in garden & forest

4 / 5 July 2020

East Dean, near Eastbourne
£185 including bed and breakfast