Self Portrait

Who are YOU and what makes you all of who you are? During this workshop you will explore, through the medium of movement and painting, how you see yourself, and how you perceive your identity in relation to others in the world.

Together we will create a warm environment for supportive exchange in your personal journey. No previous painting or artistic skills are necessary.

Saturday 16th March 2019

£60 including all art materials and simple refreshments
Paddock Studio
Paddock Lane, 
Lewes BN7 1TW1


For information & booking please contact:
mayacockburn(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


Create your personal Fairy Tale

Fairy tales are based on archetypes and their powerful relationships with one another. From children to elders, we are mesmerised by these stories because they resonate with the dilemmas and dynamics of life relating to current themes in your life.
Through the process of movement, art and writing the setting, characters and symbolic objects of your unique fairy tale will emerge, inspired by magical landscapes and the current themes of your life.

Sunday 28th April 2019

£60 including all art materials & refreshments
£15 deposit
10am – 5.00pm
Lewes New School, Talbot Terrace,
Lewes BN7 2DS

Contact: mayacockburn(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


shining out, drawing in

“Sometimes the movement part of the process connects to a sort of abstract cosmic place. The paintings come as a complete surprise – it’s such an amazing process! Thank you so much Maya

Painting by workshop participant


“It’s as if moving from the body makes the non physical internal stuff visible and tangible, and bringing it out onto paper anchors the experience then re-absorbs it and integrates it again. The aspect of me that appears in your workshops has shown her face and told me that I am courageous, strong, beautiful and perfect just as I am. Thank you Maya, I am really grateful for what today has brought me.”

Self Portrait. Lynda






The Way

“I really felt as if my body told me a story in this painting, it said ‘don’t worry, everything is going to be allright’. I feel reassured that I’m treading the right path, I just need to trust this message from myself

Painting by workshop participant on ‘Coming Home’ workshop



“The painting workshop with Maya was a wonderful way to reconnect with a wiser, stronger and more surprising part of myself.”

‘Archetypes and Symbols’ workshop participant


Maya’s workshop is amazing, it is an opportunity to move from a place of no fixed identity and no preconceptions and she skilfully leads us to that place through the alternation between moving and painting. This was a totally inspiring experience helping me to get back in touch with my creative self and recover my authentic self which had been buried under some difficult layers but which I saw emerge through the visuals I was painting. Thank you Maya! 

Archetypes & Symbols. Amanda


There was a sense of ease, of liberation, of exploration and intimacy, which “held” us all; enabling us to be open and free and courageous in revealing ourselves both to ourselves and each other. Maya has a rare gift. She is an “enabler”, a true catalyst…it’s as if her own journey and experience is there with us in the room as she “accompanies” us rather than leads or facilitates in the traditional sense. It’s because she knows the territory experientially that she is able to be there for us in a particular way. 

Create your Vision for 2017. Adrienne